Auto Painting

Professional, in-house painting.

Professional Auto Painting Services

At Century 1st, we offer professional auto painting services to enhance the appearance of your vehicle and restore its original beauty. Our skilled painters use high-quality paint products and precision techniques to achieve stunning results that meet or exceed factory standards.

Our Auto Painting Services Include:

1. Complete Paint Jobs

Whether your vehicle needs a fresh coat of paint or a color change, our experienced painters will provide a flawless finish that revitalizes its appearance. We meticulously prepare the surface, apply the paint, and finish with clear coat for lasting protection and shine.

2. Touch-Up Painting

If your vehicle has minor scratches, chips, or blemishes, our touch-up painting services can restore its smooth and uniform finish. We carefully match the paint color to seamlessly blend with the existing finish, ensuring a virtually invisible repair.

3. Custom Paintwork

Express your personal style and make your vehicle stand out with our custom paintwork services. From unique color combinations to custom graphics and designs, our talented painters can bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.

4. Paint Restoration

Restore the beauty of your vehicle's faded or weathered paint with our paint restoration services. Using advanced techniques and polishing compounds, we can remove surface imperfections and rejuvenate the paint to its original luster.

Mechanic working on repairing BMW at Century 1st Collision Center

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